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Figure 2

From: Identification of single nucleotide polymorphisms in the bovine Toll-like receptor 1 gene and association with health traits in cattle

Figure 2

Linkage disequilibrium (LD) plot for five extensively genotyped SNPs in relation to the bo TLR1 gene model. Open box represents boTLR1 coding exon, grey boxes represent non-coding untranslated (UTR) exonic regions. The non-synonymous amino acid change is shown in brackets below corresponding coding SNP. The graphical representation, generated by Haploview, of the r2 LD relationship between each SNP is expressed on a gray-scale gradient; where black - very high LD (r2 = 1.0) and white - very low LD (< 0.1). The r2 value for each pair-wise comparison is shown, where no value is indicated r2 = 1.

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