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Table 2 Epidemiological and clinical characteristics of O104:H4 Agg-VTEC infections as compared to O157:H7 AE-VTEC infections

From: O157:H7 and O104:H4 Vero/Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli outbreaks: respective role of cattle and humans

  AE-VTEC O157:H7 Agg-VTEC O104:H4
Incidence of sporadic cases Third bacterial cause of diarrhoea in developed countries Extremely rarely reported
Outbreaks Frequent (from a few to > 6000 cases) One outbreak (almost 4000 cases)
Age distribution Young children (elderly) Middle aged adults
Gender distribution Equal Predominance of female
Incubation 1 to 9 days (average 3-5 days) 8 days (interquartile range 7 to 9 days)
Progression to HUS 7-10% > 20%
Mortality 0.5% 1.4%