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Table 2 Transcription stability of reference genes illustrated by the Ct ranges obtained from each tissue throughout 6 weeks post SPDV challenge (n = 20).

From: Transcription of reference genes used for quantitative RT-PCR in Atlantic salmon is affected by viral infection

Gene Ct range (fold change)
  Head kidney Heart Intestine Spleen Gills
EF1αB 19.6-22.4 (6.9X) 19.5-22.4 (7.4X) 18.4-21.2 (6.9X) 19.3-24.2 (29.8X) 19.3-21.6 (4.9X)
18S rRNA 12.9-15.3 (5.2X) 12.5-14.9 (5.2X) 12.7-14.1 (2.6X) 12.4-17.3 (29.8X) 12.5-15.6 (8.5X)
β-actin 19.4-22.4 (8.0X) 18.8-22.8 (16.0X) 18.0-21.4 (10.5X) 18.5-23.0 (22.6X) 19.2-21.3 (4.2X)
RPS20 25.2-28.4 (9.1X) 23.3-25.5 (4.5X) 23.2-26.6 (10.5X) 21.4-27.7 (78.7X) 25.7-28.5 (6.9X)
  1. Level of target gene transcription regulation (fold change) that can be significantly identified using the respective reference genes is shown in brackets.