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Table 3 Details of gene sequences, and likely function, selected for further analysis

From: Novel gene expression responses in the ovine abomasal mucosa to infection with the gastric nematode Teladorsagia circumcincta

Functional Category Gene Name Clone/probe ID on KN511 cDNA array EMBL acc. no. Assay
Cytotoxicity GNLY C0009264H11.P1KAM13F FE028690 W1
  CatC sh1-aoo11_l0.s2 DY479012 W2
  GZMA KN511_9486f02 FE037399 W2
  GZMB KN511_9253n09 FE021442 W1
  GZMH KN511_9260m05 FE026184 W2
Mucus composition CLCA1 020502OAPP1012080HT OAPP EE748540 W1
  ITLN1 -a AM087961 W2
  ITLN2 KN511_9264a24.p1kaM13F EF521881 W2
  ITLN3 -a AM888394 W2
Heat shock response HSPA8 KN511_9479o03 DY491193 W1
  HSPCA KN511_9253c04 FE020983 W2
  ST1 KN511_9486e08 FE037366 W1
Proinflammatory response PLA2G2A KN511_9482g22 FE034658 W1
  CF1 KN511_9257m10 FE024140 W1
  CCL2 KN511_9477e07 FE031007 W1
Tissue remodelling MMP13 KN511_9487m11.p1kM13F AY091604 W1
  MMP23 sh1-bjd04_l0.s2 DY483383 W2
  CST3 KN511_9476g20 FE030675 W1
Digestion LZM1A KN511_9487n22.p1kM13Fb M32492 W1
  LZM4A KN511_9487n22.p1kM13Fb M32497 W1
Unknown MALAT KN511_9484l14 FE036272 W1
"Housekeeping" genes ATPase KN511_9488b23.p1kM13F X02813 W1/W2
  RW1 KN511_9261h17 FE026635 W1/W2
  TM57 KN511_9488i21 FE030125 W1/W2
  1. The EMBL accession no. for the sequences used to design multiplex competitive qRT-PCR assays (Sequenom® MassARRAY® System) is given, together with the representative probe on the ovine cDNA array. The two multiplex competitive qRT-PCR assays were designated W1 and W2 as indicated.
  2. aOnly ITLN2 was represented on the arrays.
  3. bThese cDNA probes would not be able to distinguish between LZM1A, 3A and 4A.