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Table 2 Immunomodulatory proteins of MYXV.

From: The current status and future directions of myxoma virus, a master in immune evasion

ORF Protein name Function references
M002R/L M-T2 TNFR homolog; inhibits TNF/TNFR; prevents apoptosis of lymphocytes intracellularly [2730]
M11L   Binds with Bak and/or Bax; inhibits apoptosis [33, 34]
M146R   Postulated to bind Bcl-2 proteins and inhibit TLR-mediated innate responses [1, 38]
M005R/L M-T5 Enhances degradation of CDK inhibitors; prevents checkpoint-induced apoptosis [4244]
M150R MNF ANK-repeat protein; inhibits NF-κB [45, 48]
M148R   ANK-repeat virulence factor, but no specific function defined to date [49]
M149R   ANK-repeat virulence factor, but no specific function defined to date [49]
M153R MV-LAP Downregulates cell surface CD4, Fas-CD95 and MHC-1 [13, 50, 51]
M143   Ubiquitin ligase with a possible anti-apoptotic function [1]
M004R/L M-T4 Possible interference with BAP31 in the ER; apoptosis inhibitor [13, 52, 53]
M156R   PKR pseudosubstrate and inhibitor [19, 57]
M029L   Predicted inhibitor of PKR via dsRNA binding [1]
M062R   Host range factor essential for replication in rabbit or human cancer cells; binds SAMD9 [1, 61, 65]
M063R   Host range factor, essential for replication in rabbit cells [1, 61, 62]
M064R   Related to M062 and M064 host range factors but function not yet determined [1, 61]
M001R/L M-T1 CC-chemokine binding protein [66, 67, 153, 154]
M104L   Postulated inhibitor of chemokine receptor signaling [1]
M007R/L M-T7 Secreted inhibitor of IFN-γ and chemokines; anti-inflammatory activities [69]
M008R/L Serp-1 Secreted serpin that inhibits diverse host serine proteases; anti-inflammatory activities [70, 155157]
M151R Serp-2 Intracellular serpin that inhibits ICE and granzyme B [71, 73, 158]
M152R Serp-3 Serpin and virulence factor, but no specific host target yet described [74]
M141R vCD200 Cell surface virulence factor that inhibits CD200R+ leukocytes (also called vOX-2) [1, 76]
M121R/M122R   Predicted NK regulatory receptor homologs [1]
M128L vCD47 Cell surface virulence factor and CD47 homolog [1, 80]
M13L   Pyrin-containing protein that inhibits the inflammasomes and NF-κB signaling [81, 83]
M129R   Predicted HIV gp120 homolog, but function still unknown [60]
M130R   Predicted HIV Tat homolog; virulence factor [60, 86]
M010L MGF Secreted virulence factor, related to TGFalpha and EGF [89]
M135R   B19R (VACV) homolog, virulence factor, but no specific function or ligand known [60, 90]
M144R   C3L/B5R (VACV) homolog, no confirmed function yet [60]