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Table 1 Comparison of symptoms in wild and domestic rabbits infected with different MYXV strains inducing nodular myxomatosis (adapted from [7, 11]).

From: The current status and future directions of myxoma virus, a master in immune evasion

Day pi Laboratory rabbits Wild rabbits
  SLS Lausanne Uriarra (Ur) SLS Uriarra (Ur)
2 Pink & edematous inoculation site Pink/edematous inoculation site   Pink inoculation site  
3    Pink/edematous inoculation site   
4 Conjunctivitis Conjunctivitis    Pink inoculation site
5   Secondary skin lesions
Anogenital edema
Anogenital edema
6 Secondary skin lesions & anogenital edema Serous eye discharge Conjunctivitis & Anogenital edema   
7 Respiratory distress Mucopurulent eye discharge & purple/black inoculation site    Mild conjunctivitis
8   Necrotic inoculation site; Edematous eyelids; Respiratory distress   Secondary skin lesions  
9    Secondary skin lesions   
10 Severe respiratory distress
Secondary lesions across the skin #
Serous secretion from inoculation site Respiratory distress Respiratory distress Mild anogenital edema;
Secondary skin lesions
11   Severe dyspnoea; Secondary lesions across the skin #    
12     Lesion regression  
Day pi Laboratory rabbits Wild rabbits
15     Improved breathing; Decreased anogenital edema Lesion regression
17    Lesion regression   
20    Still recovering Virtually recovered  
  1. #: euthanasia of the experimentally infected animals due to too severe clinical symptoms; pi: post inoculation