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Table 2 GenBank P51 sequences used in this study.

From: Neorickettsia risticii surface-exposed proteins: proteomics identification, recognition by naturally-infected horses, and strain variations

Sample ID Accession no.a Sample ID Accession no.
N. risticii IllinoisT YP_003081464 11908 AAL79561
PA-1 AAM18377 SF Hirose AAL12490
PA-2 AAM18376 SF Oregon AAR23988
Eclipse AAC01597 Dr. Pepper AAC01596
SqCaddis AAM18381 Ms. Annie AAC01599
SqMouse AAM18380 SHSN-1 AAB95417
S21 AAG03352 SHSN-2 AAB95418
TW2-1 AAR22503 SRC AAB95419
TW2-2 AAR22504 SCID/CB17 AAG09962
25-D AAB46983 Snail 2121 AAF20073
90-12 AAB46982 CF1-snail 2121 AAF20072
CM1-1 AAR22501 Shasta-horse AAF43112
081 AAG03354 Caddis-1 AAF26718
OV AAG03353 Caddis-2 AAF26748
Doc AAC01595 Siskiyou horse-1 AAF20069
Oregon AAC01600 Siskiyou horse-2 AAF20070
N. sennetsu MiyayamaT YP_506136 Siskiyou horse-3 AAF20071
Kawano AAR23991 Juga-1 AAC01598
Nakazaki AAR23990 Stonefly-1 AAF26749
  1. aAll sequences listed are P51 sequences that have been previously deposited in GenBank. N. sennetsu Miyayama P51 is NSE_0242.