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Table 1 Sequences amplified for Neorickettsia.

From: Neorickettsia risticii surface-exposed proteins: proteomics identification, recognition by naturally-infected horses, and strain variations

Sample IDa Location/Year Fragment size (bp)b Gene(s) amplifiedc Accession no.
PA-1 Pennsylvania/2000 2091 nsp2, nsp3 HQ857586
   765 ssa1 (p) HQ857584
   1812 ssa3 HQ857585
Herodia Pennsylvania/1999 673 p51 (p) HQ857589
   2133 nsp2, nsp3 HQ857588
   1460 ssa3 HQ857587
081 Ohio/1991 2420 nsp2, nsp3 HQ857591
   717 ssa3 (p) HQ857590
MN Minnesota/2002 676 p51 (p) HQ857594
   2156 nsp2, nsp3 HQ857593
   1029 ssa3 (p) HQ857592
OV Kentucky/1993 2103 nsp2, nsp3 HQ857596
   863 ssa3 HQ857595
IA03-1 Iowa/2003 1550 nsp2 (p), nsp3 HQ875741
IL01-1 Illinois/2001 623 nsp2 (p) HQ875742
   489 nsp3 (p) HQ875743
IN01-1 Indiana/2001 1879 nsp2 (p), nsp3 HQ875744
IN02-1 Indiana/2002 2052 nsp2 (p), nsp3 HQ875745
IN02-2 Indiana/2002 542 p51 (p) HQ875747
   733 nsp3 (p) HQ875746
IN03-1 Indiana/2003 542 p51 (p) HQ906674
   2110 nsp2, nsp3 HQ906673
IN03-2 Indiana/2003 1361 nsp2, nsp3 (p) HQ906675
KY03-1 Kentucky/2003 673 p51 (p) HQ906678
   594 p51 (p) HQ906679
   306 p51 (p) HQ906680
   2095 nsp2, nsp3 HQ906677
   1129 ssa3 (p) HQ906676
KY03-2 Kentucky/2003 1398 nsp2, nsp3 (p) HQ906681
KY03-3 Kentucky/2003 1042 nsp2 (p), nsp3 (p) HQ906682
OH07-1 Ohio/2007 259 p51 (p) HQ906685
   721 ssa1 (p) HQ906683
   1739 ssa3 HQ906684
OH07-2 Ohio/2007 259 p51 (p) HQ906686
OH07-3 Ohio/2007 1558 nsp2 (p), nsp3 (p) HQ906688
   995 ssa3 (p) HQ906687
OH07-4 Ohio/2007 654 p51 (p) HQ906691
   1118 nsp2 (p), nsp3 (p) HQ906690
   1029 ssa3 (p) HQ906689
OH10-1 Ohio/2010 768 ssa3 (p) HQ906692
OH10-2 Ohio/2010 660 p51 (p) HQ906693
TN02-1 Tennessee/2002 676 p51 (p) HQ906695
   622 p51 (p) HQ906696
   1893 nsp2 (p), nsp3 HQ906694
SF Oregon Oregon/2004 1171 nsp2 HQ906697
   842 nsp3 HQ906698
   370 ssa3 (p) HQ906699
  1. aAll samples, except for PA-1 and SF Oregon are from naturally-infected horses. PA-1 is an isolate from an experimental equine infection utilizing N. risticii-infected insects from Pennsylvania [6]. Both 081 and OV are strains of N. risticii previously described and with unique morphologies and sequences [5, 20, 22]. SF Oregon is a strain of the Stellantchasmus falcatus agent [30].
  2. bThe largest fragment size acquired containing the given gene(s) is shown. Multiple fragments may be present for a sample.
  3. cp, partial sequence for the given gene was obtained.