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Table 4 Sensitivity analysis for each varied parameter for the simulations

From: Disease properties, geography, and mitigation strategies in a simulation spread of rinderpest across the United States

Parameter Normalized Forward Sensitivity Index
(ratio infected cows that progress to symptoms) 11.3
(ratio infected sheep that progress to symptoms) 3.4
θ D (ratio infected that die) 3.4
(ratio infected hogs that progress to symptoms) 0.5
T c (time after detection until culling implemented) 0.4
ε s (efficacy short range movement control) 0.3
1/λ L (residency time in latent stage) 0.2
1/λ Vs (residency time in vaccinated susceptible) -0.2
ε l (efficacy long range movement control) 0.2
ε q (efficacy of quarantine) -0.1
1/λ I (residency time in infectious stage) 0.1
1/λ C and 1/λ Ve (time in carrier stage either vaccinated or not) 0.1
ε Vs (efficacy vaccine for susceptible animals) 0
T v1 (time after 1st infection until vaccination) 0
T l (time after detection until long range movement control implemented) 0
T q (time after detection until quarantine) 0