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Table 3 Homologs of H. pylori genes involved in induction of gastric lesions in the H. suis type strain 1 (HS1T) and strain 5 (HS5) genome.

From: Genome sequence of Helicobacter suis supports its role in gastric pathology

Gene detected in HS1T Gene detected in HS5 Gene name Protein annotation/function in H. pylori Sequence fraction HS1T/HS5 aligned with H. pylori homolog (%)1 Aligned sequence fraction HS1T/HS5 conserved with H. pylori homolog (%)1 References
HSUHS1_0989 HSUHS5_0761 vacA Vacuolating cytotoxin A: host cell vacuolation, apoptosis-inducing, immunosuppresive 63/22 45/72 [46]
HSUHS1_0265 HSUHS5_0449 ggt γ-glutamyl transpeptidase: apoptosis-inducing, immunosuppresive 99/99 86/86 [48, 49, 64]
HSUHS1_1177 HSUHS5_0014 napA Neutrophil-activating protein A: proinflammatory 99/99 83/83 [50, 51]
HSUHS1_1067 HSUHS5_1177 fldA Electron acceptor of the pyruvate oxidoreductase enzyme complex, associated with gastric MALT lymphoma in humans 96/98 84/83 [55, 56]
HSUHS1_0403 HSUHS5_0887 pgbA Plasminogen-binding protein 60/60 72/72 [53, 54]
HSUHS1_1192 HSUHS5_0523 pgbB Plasminogen-binding protein 70/70 72/72 [53, 54]
  1. 1Resulting from tblastn-based cross-mapping of the H. pylori proteome to the H. suis HS1T and HS5 genomes.