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Table 2 H. suis strain 1 (HS1T) and strain 5 (HS5) homologs of H. pylori and other Helicobacter sp. type IV secretion system genes.

From: Genome sequence of Helicobacter suis supports its role in gastric pathology

Homolog Gene detected in HS1T Gene detected in HS5 Description of corresponding protein Percentage of sequence fraction aligned (of which % conserved) with Helicobacter homolog1
cag pathogenicity island     
   cag23/E of H. pylori HSUHS1_0731 HSUHS5_1234 DNA transfer protein 81 (42)
   cagX of H. pylori HSUHS1_0964 HSUHS5_0688 Conjugal plasmid transfer protein 92 (71)
comB system     
   comB2 of H. acinonychis HSUHS1_1181 HSUHS5_0010 ComB2 protein 96 (64)
   comB3 of H. acinonychis HSUHS1_1182 HSUHS5_0009 ComB3 competence protein 95 (77)
   comB6 of H. pylori HSUHS1_0337 - NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase 70 (85)
   comB8 of H. pylori HSUHS1_0747 Overlap with virB8 comB8 competence protein 93 (66)
   trbL of H. pylori HSUHS1_0755 HSUHS5_0054 TrbL protein 99 (77)
   comE of H. acinonychis HSUHS1_0314 HSUHS5_0381 Competence locus E 94 (55)
   comL of H. pylori HSUHS1_0722 HSUHS5_0300 Competence protein 99 (84)
   dprA of H. acinonychis HSUHS1_0096 HSUHS5_0824 DNA processing protein 99 (70)
   recA of H. hepaticus HSUHS1_0672 HSUHS5_1058 Recombinase A 97 (84)
virB -homologs     
   virB4 of H. pylori HSUHS1_0960 HSUHS5_0692 DNA transfer protein 98 (68)
   virB8 of H. pylori HSUHS1_0963 HSUHS5_0689 DNA transfer protein 91 (61)
   virB9 of H. cetorum HSUHS1_0319 - VirB9 protein 76 (69)
   virB10 of H. cetorum HSUHS1_0320 - VirB10 protein 90 (77)
   putative virB9 of H. pylori - HSUHS5_0372 Putative VirB9 protein 100 (86)
   putative virB10 of H. pylori - HSUHS5_0371 Putative VirB10 protein 97 (87)
   virB11 of H. pylori HSUHS1_0750 HSUHS5_0368 VirB11 protein 100 (98)
   virB11 of H. cetorum HSUHS1_0965 - VirB11 protein 95 (71)
   virB11-like of H. pylori (HPSH_04565) - HSUHS5_0686 VirB11-like protein 98 (72)
   virB11-like of H. pylori (HPSH_07250) HSUHS1_0036 HSUHS5_0600 Type IV ATPase 100 (75)
virD - homologs     
   virD2 of H. cetorum HSUHS1_0752 HSUHS5_0414 VirD2 protein (relaxase) 100 (90)
   virD4 of H.pylori HSUHS1_0870 HSUHS5_0257 VirD4 protein (conjugation protein) 82 (78)
  1. 1 Resulting from tblastn-based cross-mapping of the H. pylori proteome to the H. suis HS1T and HS5 genomes and blastp-based ab initio analyses of the translated H. suis HS1T and HS5 ORFs against the Uniprot-KB universal protein database. Differences between HS1T and HS5 homologs ≤ 1%.