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Table 1 The ELISA kit, anti-cytokine antibodies (ab) and cytokine protein standards used in this study.

From: Innate immune response in experimentally induced bovine intramammary infection with Staphylococcus simulans and S. epidermidis

Cytokine ELISA kit/antibody/protein standard Source Final concentration and buffer
IL-8 Human IL-8 ELISA kit DY208 R&D Systems, Minneapolis, MN  
IL-8 Recombinant bovine IL-8 RPOIL8I Thermo Scientific, Waltham, MA  
IL-1β Mouse anti-sheep IL-1β (capturing ab) MCA1658 AbD Serotech, Oxford, UK 4 μg/mL in PBS
IL-1β Recombinant bovine IL-1β PBP008 AbD Serotech  
IL-1β Biotin-conjugated mouse anti-bovine IL-1β (detection ab) AHP851B AbD Serotech 2 μg/mL in 1% BSA-PBS
TNF-α Mouse anti-bovine TNF-α (capturing ab) MCA2334 AbD Serotech 1 μg/mL in PBS
TNF-α Recombinant bovine TNF-α PBP005 AbD Serotech  
TNF-α Biotin conjugated mouse anti-bovine TNF-α (detection ab) MCA2335B AbD Serotech 2.5 μg/mL in 1% BSA-PBS