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Table 1 Genes that control the immune response to L. donovani/L. infantum infection.

From: Mechanisms of resistance and susceptibility to experimental visceral leishmaniosis: BALB/c mouse versus syrian hamster model

Host defense mechanism(s) Locus or gene Chromosome Reference(s)
Innate intraphagosomal control of infection in the spleen and the liver Slc11a1 1 [4044]
Influences antigen presentation during the acquired immune response in the splen, the liver and the bone marrow H2 17 [43, 45]
Formation of hepatic granulomas. Acquired immune response Ir2 2 [43]
Influences resistance to parasites in the spleen. C57BL/6J bg/bg mice expressed deficient natural killer cell activity and failed to eliminate L. donovani amastigotes Lyst/Beige 13 [46]