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Figure 1

From: Variation of inflammatory dynamics and mediators in primiparous cows after intramammary challenge with Escherichia coli

Figure 1

Thermal images of the caudal part of the udder of a primiparous cow after challenge with E. coli strain P4, serotype O32:H37 (1 × 104 cfu) at post infusion hour (PIH) 3 (A) and PIH 12 (B) during early lactation. Two fixed 25 × 25 pixel areas above the teats used to extract the data at various time points following intramammary infection. Left quarters were infected at PIH 0 and right quarters were control quarters. There was a significant increase for udder skin temperature between PIH 0 and PIH 12 in both infected (P = 0.02) and control quarters (P = 0.009).

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