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Table 2 Quantification by RT-PCR of selected genes.

From: Central nervous system gene expression changes in a transgenic mouse model for bovine spongiform encephalopathy

  Fold-change Cxcl13 Fold-change GFAP Fold-change C4b
Time point (dpi) RT-PCR microarray RT-PCR microarray RT-PCR microarray
120 1.95 0.90 3.54 0.99 1.28 0.88
270 51.92 30.48 3.59 3.37 2.13 2.77
  1. Fold-change expression values of GFAP, Cxcl13 and C4b genes at 120 and 270 dpi comparing control and BSE inoculated groups. Data are mean from five inoculated vs. control animals at 120 dpi and from six inoculated vs control animals at 270 dpi.