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  1. Research article

    Involvement of the different lung compartments in the pathogenesis of pH1N1 influenza virus infection in ferrets

    Severe cases after pH1N1 infection are consequence of interstitial pneumonia triggered by alveolar viral replication and an exacerbated host immune response, characterized by the up-regulation of pro-inflammat...

    Beatriz Vidaña, Jorge Martínez, Jaime Martorell, María Montoya, Lorena Córdoba, Mónica Pérez and Natàlia Majó

    Veterinary Research 2016 47:113

    Published on: 8 November 2016

  2. Research article

    Oestrous cycle-dependent equine uterine immune response to induced infectious endometritis

    Infectious endometritis is a major cause of reduced pregnancy rates in horses. The objectives of this study were to establish a timeline of the innate immune response in the uterus of healthy horses and to inv...

    Christina D. Marth, Simon M. Firestone, Lisa Y. Glenton, Glenn F. Browning, Neil D. Young and Natali Krekeler

    Veterinary Research 2016 47:110

    Published on: 8 November 2016

  3. Research article

    L-BSE experimentally transmitted to sheep presents as a unique disease phenotype

    Apart from prion protein genotype, the factors determining the host range and susceptiblity for specific transmissible spongiform encephalopathy agents remain unclear. It is known that bovine atypical L-BSE ca...

    Marion M. Simmons, Melanie J. Chaplin, Timm Konold, Cristina Casalone, Katy E. Beck, Leigh Thorne, Sharon Everitt, Tobias Floyd, Derek Clifford and John Spiropoulos

    Veterinary Research 2016 47:112

    Published on: 8 November 2016

  4. Short report

    Transmission tree of the highly pathogenic avian influenza (H5N1) epidemic in Israel, 2015

    The transmission tree of the Israeli 2015 epidemic of highly pathogenic avian influenza (H5N1) was modelled by combining the spatio-temporal distribution of the outbreaks and the genetic distance between virus...

    Timothée Vergne, Guillaume Fournié, Michal Perry Markovich, Rolf J. F. Ypma, Ram Katz, Irena Shkoda, Avishai Lublin, Shimon Perk and Dirk U. Pfeiffer

    Veterinary Research 2016 47:109

    Published on: 4 November 2016

  5. Research Article

    Experimental Piscine orthoreovirus infection mediates protection against pancreas disease in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)

    Viral diseases are among the main challenges in farming of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar). The most prevalent viral diseases in Norwegian salmon aquaculture are heart and skeletal muscle inflammation (HSMI) caused...

    Morten Lund, Magnus Vikan Røsæg, Aleksei Krasnov, Gerrit Timmerhaus, Ingvild Berg Nyman, Vidar Aspehaug, Espen Rimstad and Maria Krudtaa Dahle

    Veterinary Research 2016 47:107

    Published on: 21 October 2016

  6. Research article

    Distinct functional enrichment of transcriptional signatures in pigs with high and low IFN-gamma responses after vaccination with a porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV)

    Little is known about the host factor in the response to PRRSV vaccination. For this purpose, piglets were immunized with a commercial PRRSV-live vaccine and classified as high responders (HR) or low responder...

    Tahar Ait-Ali, Ivan Díaz, Ferran Soldevila, Esmeralda Cano, Yanli Li, Alison D. Wilson, Bruno Giotti, Alan L. Archibald, Enric Mateu and Laila Darwich

    Veterinary Research 2016 47:104

    Published on: 20 October 2016

  7. Research article

    The 60S ribosomal protein L13 is the most preferable reference gene to investigate gene expression in selected organs from turkeys and chickens, in context of different infection models

    Evaluation of reference genes for expression studies in chickens and turkeys is very much limited and unavailable for various infectious models. In this study, eight candidate reference genes HMBS, HPRT1, TBP,...

    Taniya Mitra, Ivana Bilic, Michael Hess and Dieter Liebhart

    Veterinary Research 2016 47:105

    Published on: 20 October 2016

  8. Research Article

    Distinct immune responses and virus shedding in pigs following aerosol, intra-nasal and contact infection with pandemic swine influenza A virus, A(H1N1)09

    Influenza virus infection in pigs is a major farming problem, causing considerable economic loss and posing a zoonotic threat. In addition the pig is an excellent model for understanding immunity to influenza ...

    Johanneke D. Hemmink, Sophie B. Morgan, Mario Aramouni, Helen Everett, Francisco J. Salguero, Laetitia Canini, Emily Porter, Margo Chase-Topping, Katy Beck, Ronan Mac Loughlin, B. Veronica Carr, Ian H. Brown, Mick Bailey, Mark Woolhouse, Sharon M. Brookes, Bryan Charleston…

    Veterinary Research 2016 47:103

    Published on: 20 October 2016

  9. Research article

    Genetic loci of Mycoplasma agalactiae involved in systemic spreading during experimental intramammary infection of sheep

    Mycoplasmas are amongst the most successful pathogens of both humans and animals yet the molecular basis of mycoplasma pathogenesis is poorly understood. This is partly due to the lack of classical virulence f...

    Shivanand Hegde, Martina Zimmermann, Martina Flöck, Rene Brunthaler, Joachim Spergser, Renate Rosengarten and Rohini Chopra-Dewasthaly

    Veterinary Research 2016 47:106

    Published on: 20 October 2016

  10. Research article

    Relationship between viral dose and outcome of infection in Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L., post-smolts bath-challenged with salmonid alphavirus subtype 3

    Salmonid alphavirus subtype 3 (SAV3) causes pancreas disease (PD) and adversely affects salmonid aquaculture in Europe. A better understanding of disease transmission is currently needed in order to manage PD ...

    Jiraporn Jarungsriapisit, Lindsey J. Moore, Stig Mæhle, Cecilie Skår, Ann Cathrine Einen, Ingrid Uglenes Fiksdal, Hugh Craig Morton, Sigurd O. Stefansson, Geir Lasse Taranger and Sonal Patel

    Veterinary Research 2016 47:102

    Published on: 19 October 2016

  11. Research article

    Helicobacter suis affects the health and function of porcine gastric parietal cells

    The stomach of pigs at slaughter age is often colonized by Helicobacter (H.) suis, which is also the most prevalent gastric non-H. pylori Helicobacter (NHPH) species in humans. It is associated with chronic gastr...

    Guangzhi Zhang, Richard Ducatelle, Belgacem Mihi, Annemieke Smet, Bram Flahou and Freddy Haesebrouck

    Veterinary Research 2016 47:101

    Published on: 19 October 2016

  12. Research article

    Immune protection of chickens conferred by a vaccine consisting of attenuated strains of Salmonella Enteritidis, Typhimurium and Infantis

    The colonization of poultry with different Salmonella enterica serovars poses an issue throughout the world. In this study we therefore tested the efficacy of a vaccine consisting of attenuated strains of Salmone...

    Karolina Varmuzova, Marcela Faldynova, Marta Elsheimer-Matulova, Alena Sebkova, Ondrej Polansky, Hana Havlickova, Frantisek Sisak and Ivan Rychlik

    Veterinary Research 2016 47:94

    Published on: 15 October 2016

  13. Research article

    Genetic, histochemical and biochemical studies on goat TSE cases from Cyprus

    Scrapie and bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) are transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSE’s) affecting sheep and goats. Susceptibility of goats to scrapie is influenced by polymorphisms of the prio...

    Susanne Niedermeyer, Martin Eiden, Pavlos Toumazos, Penelope Papasavva-Stylianou, Ioannis Ioannou, Theodoros Sklaviadis, Cynthia Panagiotidis, Jan Langeveld, Alex Bossers, Thorsten Kuczius, Martin Kaatz, Martin H. Groschup and Christine Fast

    Veterinary Research 2016 47:99

    Published on: 6 October 2016

  14. Research article

    Shotgun proteomic analysis of Yersinia ruckeri strains under normal and iron-limited conditions

    Yersinia ruckeri is the causative agent of enteric redmouth disease of fish that causes significant economic losses, particularly in salmonids. Bacterial pathogens differentially express ...

    Gokhlesh Kumar, Karin Hummel, Maike Ahrens, Simon Menanteau-Ledouble, Timothy J. Welch, Martin Eisenacher, Ebrahim Razzazi-Fazeli and Mansour El-Matbouli

    Veterinary Research 2016 47:100

    Published on: 6 October 2016

  15. Review

    The impact of co-infections on fish: a review

    Co-infections are very common in nature and occur when hosts are infected by two or more different pathogens either by simultaneous or secondary infections so that two or more infectious agents are active toge...

    Mohamed H. Kotob, Simon Menanteau-Ledouble, Gokhlesh Kumar, Mahmoud Abdelzaher and Mansour El-Matbouli

    Veterinary Research 2016 47:98

    Published on: 4 October 2016

  16. Research article

    Goat K222-PrPC polymorphic variant does not provide resistance to atypical scrapie in transgenic mice

    Host prion (PrPC) genotype is a major determinant for the susceptibility to prion diseases. The Q/K222-PrPC polymorphic variant provides goats and mice with high resistance against classical scrapie and bovine sp...

    Patricia Aguilar-Calvo, Juan-Carlos Espinosa, Olivier Andréoletti, Lorenzo González, Leonor Orge, Ramón Juste and Juan-María Torres

    Veterinary Research 2016 47:96

    Published on: 22 September 2016

  17. Short report

    Acute and chronic infections with nonprimate hepacivirus in young horses

    The recently discovered nonprimate hepacivirus (NPHV) naturally infects horses and is the closest known homolog of hepatitis C virus to date. Within a follow-up study acute field infections were monitored in f...

    Theresa Gather, Stephanie Walter, Stephanie Pfaender, Daniel Todt, Karsten Feige, Eike Steinmann and Jessika M. V. Cavalleri

    Veterinary Research 2016 47:97

    Published on: 22 September 2016

  18. Research article

    Membrane-associated GRP78 helps subgroup J avian leucosis virus enter cells

    We previously identified chicken Annexin A2 (chANXA2) as a novel receptor for retrovirus avian leucosis virus subgroup J (ALV-J), using a DF1 cell line expressing the viral envelope (env) protein. To further p...

    Lin Wang, Mei Mei, Aijian Qin, Jianqiang Ye, Kun Qian and Hongxia Shao

    Veterinary Research 2016 47:92

    Published on: 6 September 2016

  19. Research article

    Two outer membrane proteins are bovine lactoferrin-binding proteins in Mannheimia haemolytica A1

    Mannheimia haemolytica is a Gram negative bacterium that is part of the bovine respiratory disease, which causes important economic losses in the livestock industry. In the present work, ...

    Luisa Samaniego-Barrón, Sarahí Luna-Castro, Carolina Piña-Vázquez, Francisco Suárez-Güemes and Mireya de la Garza

    Veterinary Research 2016 47:93

    Published on: 6 September 2016

  20. Research article

    A formalin-inactivated immunogen against viral encephalopathy and retinopathy (VER) disease in European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax): immunological and protection effects

    The European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) is an important farmed fish species in the Mediterranean area, very sensitive to the infection by encephalopathy and retinopathy virus (VERv), or Betanodavirus, which ...

    Noelia Nuñez-Ortiz, Francesco Pascoli, Simona Picchietti, Francesco Buonocore, Chiara Bernini, Marica Toson, Giuseppe Scapigliati and Anna Toffan

    Veterinary Research 2016 47:89

    Published on: 2 September 2016

  21. Research article

    Identification of epitopes recognised by mucosal CD4+ T-cell populations from cattle experimentally colonised with Escherichia coli O157:H7

    Vaccines targeting enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli (EHEC) O157:H7 shedding in cattle are only partially protective. The correlates of protection of these vaccines are unknown, but it is probable that they red...

    Alexander Corbishley, Timothy K. Connelley, Eliza B. Wolfson, Keith Ballingall, Amy E. Beckett, David L. Gally and Tom N. McNeilly

    Veterinary Research 2016 47:90

    Published on: 2 September 2016

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